What are bitters?

Bitters, identified by their sour and bittersweet flavour, are a tried, tested and true flavouring agent for cocktails that have withstood the test of time on bars across the world.

Top Shelf Bitters harness the attractive elements of centuries-old flavours like Orange and Allspice and explore more exotic profiles with Lavender and Spiced-Up Chocolate.

Bitters can be a building block in a lengthy cocktail recipe like an Espresso Martini, part of your signature preparation of a classic like the Negroni or a simple lift for a classic Gin & Tonic.

Cocktail bitters are the ‘salt’ of mixology.

The benefits of bitters are not reserved solely for cocktails. Bitters serve as a unique flavouring agent in cooking & baking (similar to baking extracts), dressings & marinades, in non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling water and function as a digestive aid.

Top Shelf Bitters are crafted by the team of distillers at Top Shelf Distillers in Perth, Ontario.

We locally source the aromatic herbs, citrus, spice, flower buds, seeds, bark and beans when available in Ontario.

The alcoholic strength of bitters, or lack thereof, varies by brand. Top Shelf Bitters are made in the traditional way of macerating and infusing botanicals with a water & alcohol mixture that results in a 50% alcohol bitter bottled with natural sediment which heightens and refines flavour as the product matures.